Examples of a Niche

Examples of a NicheExamples of a niche could be small space gardening.  The market place is gardening and the niche is small space gardening.  Another example in gardening could be outdoor rooms. And still another example would be landscaping ideas!  As you can see the opportunities are endless.  You look for a broad market and simply continue to drill down until you find a niche that fulfills your selection criteria and best practices too.  As long as you are providing value, you can build a decent business using this niche marketing model. Like I said in a previous post there is no easy button, it takes work to build a business, but you can with a bit of effort and you can be in business for yourself using this model.

Niche Sites Examples

More Examples of a Niche

Examples of  a NicheA niche is explained in About 3LMM.com Buy Niche Sites. Niches explained used the analogy of a niche being a small slice of a pie.

  • The whole pie is a market such as education,
  • and a slice of the pie is the niche which can be something like adult education classes.


The reason for going so deep rather than staying broad was also explained in About 3LMM.com Buy Niche Sites.  Here I showed you that going deeper helped you to keep your content tightly relevant to what the searcher was looking for. Take the example from above about gardening.  If your topic was gardening, and you left it this broad it would be really difficult to add value by giving a searcher exactly what they were looking for in this one site. 


A searcher would seldom simply be searching for “gardening”, he or she is more likely to be looking for something very much more specific such as a particular plant or a particular form of gardening.  A particular form of gardening would be small space gardening. 


If you could devote an entire micro niche site to small space gardening, just from the space available you would be giving really deep, relevant information to small space gardening.  Whereas in the gardening site, the most you could do is give small space gardening a superficial treatment.  The superficial treatment may very well leave the searcher wanting more and this would not be a pleasant user experience.  So you rank for small space gardening would probably be 0.


Examples of going deeper is explained below. 

How to Evaluate the Examples Of a Niche

Examples of a nicheAs a business, the reason for going into any particular niche is also from a profit motive.  So before committing to a niche you should do the following:

1. Assess traffic volume – you need to see that there is more than 30,000 monthly searches otherwise the traffic volume will be too low to be anything but a hobby.  Use the Google Adwords Planner to do this. Google search “Adwords” to get instructions on how to use this free tool.

2. assess the competition – using the search term allintitle: search term in Google.  If there are less than 2,000 sites then this may be easier for you to rank your site with those search terms.  The reason this is important is for organic traffic (traffic that comes naturally to your site v traffic that you have paid to send to your site).  The higher you rank, the more natural or organic traffic will come your way. 

Ranking is not as easy as simply choosing the correct keyword of course. This is a complicated area of traffic which we will not deal with here.  Suffice it to say, from a writer’s perspective you want to be in a position to add value to internet users and if there are already lots of other people doing so (lots of competition) then it is unlikely that you will have something unique to add.  If there is low competition then there is plenty of space for you to add your voice and to contribute to the body of knowledge.   So you want a low competition, high traffic niche with some buyer intent in that niche.

3. Buyer intent is assessed using Google Adwords again.  You want keywords or phrases that have bids of at the very least 1c.  personally I would rather go from 10c to up to $1.  Beyond $1 you are going to find it costly to bid on traffic keywords if you decide to use paid traffic.   Once you have gained experience then you can go for the more pricey (and lucrative) keywords.  In the beginning though it is best to select your niche with lower cost key words.


Problems with Examples of a Niche

cross_roads_baldiOne primary rule of ethical marketing is to never ever copy another site.  What you can do is copy the layout or the flow – but never copy content.  Here is why. 

It is actually stealing.  Also the search engines penalize duplicate content, so the site you copied will continue to be viewed as the first to market with the content and you will not rank with it.  The third reason is that you are not adding value to users and therefore this cannot be a solid business.  The last reason is that examples could very well be outdated and you do not know if those sites are actually working or not.

Having been so negative, now for the positive.  Examples of a niche are useful for the layout, the flow and the offers.  This helps you to find your own preference and perhaps your own direction with the niche.  So looking at examples is a good thing to do as long as you are using this for analysis and to do a direct copy. 

Some examples of different niche layouts can be found here