Best Niche Sites

Best niche sites is about building a business from good keyword research and making sure that you are giving value to the user.  Visitors to your site must have a good user experience in order for you to rank well.  You want your visitors to repeatedly return to your site and to browse around for awhile.  These activities also help to increase your ranking. 

On this page we will cover some of the basic fundamentals of what makes a good niche site.   You will not be an expert after reading this, but you will have a better idea of what the business model is about. This will help you make a plan for moving forward.

I will not be linking to example sites that 3LMM does not manage because if those links were ever to be dead end links my site would be penalized.  For this reason, the links for demonstration purposes are to sites managed by 3LMM.  I will know when these die!


Basic Fundamentals About Best Niche Sites Research

Some of the research criteria outputs are covered in this this section here.  In summary the research output ideally should yield the following:

1. Traffic Volume more than 30,000 per month global search volume is excellent.

2. Competition of less than 2,000 sites with the keyword in the title; less than 300,000 total competing pages

3. There should be buyer intent with bid prices on the target keyword as being less than $1 but more than 0.

There are many recommended research processes.  Choose what suits you and what makes sense to you.  There is no one only correct way to do this.  The key is to select one process and use it consistently so that you become highly proficient in that process.  You will need to re-evaluate your keywords on an ongoing basis and you will need to find new keywords for your niche sites.  There is no such thing as set it and forget it if you want to make a decent living from your online earnings!

The basic research process that I use goes like this (details are in a future series of posts):

– Brainstorm hot markets using Amazon, ClickBank, Fiverr,

– select a hot market for further research

– Do keyword research on Google Adword Planner (you need a Google account to register for the free Adword Planner).  Use the following search filters:

Set exact match;

CPC > 10c;

Low competition;

Global monthly search > 30,000

– Select each keyword and put into Google search bar.  If the number of competing pages are less than 300,000 and allintitle search is less than 2,000 then this keyword is selected for ranking.

That is it.  As simple as that. 

You need to consider hosting.  I recommend one of the two hosting companies on the right (Hostgator or Bluehost – these are the 2 that I use).  Generally I migrate all sites managed by 3LMM as a subdomain to  So if I selected a niche for example such as management, I would simply make a sub-domain named management.  I have  not found any ranking issues by using a sub domain rather than buying yet another domain.  The added benefit is that if it turns out that I have made a poor selection of keyword it is a matter of uninstalling the wordpress installation and deleting the other files off my domain!  No fuss and no mess.

Now you have to build your site.

Basic Fundamentals About Best Niche Sites Design

Best Niche Sites

The best niche sites have the top 10 design requirements built into them.  The top 3 will be listed here and if you are interested then the book on the right is available on Kindle and contains further examples.  Don’t worry about the 1 negative review – that person is just being an a..hole.  You will encounter many of those dumb types on your journey online, just as you will offline so don’t worry about it.  They are just bullies and add no value to the internet space – don’t be like them!

The first requirement: Essentially, the website needs to be clean, easy to navigate and with a clear call to action.  You can use sites such as to look at what the latest designs are in landing pages. Or you can simply Google to “best niche sites” to get a range of opinions on the matter.  

Landing pages are different from your content pages – but you will see how clean and uncluttered landing pages are.  You transfer the look to your content pages.  Your landing page is by default meant to be very salesy; your content pages are not meant to be at all salesly, they are meant to be very informational and they are meant to add value to the user.  Nevertheless you will see what I mean by clean when you view the recommended landing page designs.

Easy to navigate means that there must be a navigational bar which is easy to find and easy to use to get to where the user expects to get to .  So for example, you would not want to put a menu item saying “buy dog grooming equipment” and then take the user to a page selling chocolate or something.  Easy navigation is to take the person to where they expect to go and for the person to not have any surprises when they get there.

Strong call to action is about guiding the user as to what to do – buy something or sign up to an email list for more information.  Those are the most common 2 calls to action.  This needs to be “above the fold”.  On this page for example you see the sign up box near the top of the page – this is the above the fold area.


Wikipedia also has a good discussion on web design over here