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About 3lmm.com buy niche sitesAbout 3LMM.com Buy Niche Sites is for people looking for more information on various niche packages and perhaps considering buying niche sites.  This is especially suitable for people looking to build a good, long term business online so that they may earn an extra income or even a full time income.  By joining us through our email list from any of the pages on this site, you will get actionable steps that will save you tons of time, money and frustration while building your online business. Niche packages are also good if you simply want to give expression to your passion, be it for golfing, running, pets, gardening or any number of interests!


3lmm.com is a website devoted to educating you about niches and how to buy niche sites.  3LMM represents the 3 pillars of any endeavor -Learn, Make, Market!.  The focus here is on education, but if you see one of the niches managed by 3LMM then you can make an offer as detailed here. You will find good high quality information on this site that will give you actionable steps that you can implement right away in getting a good quality niche site on your own or to buy.


3LMM.com was founded by Dr Mandy Kendall (http://www.3lmm.com/go/LinkedIn) a strategist, entrepreneur, published author, lifelong learner, teacher and mentor. 3LMM is a holding company managing and advising on niches that are suitable for small businesses.  These niches are also appropriate for working from home. Most of the niches under management start with a book, usually published on Kindle.  This gives credibility and gives you something to sell as you develop your niche site.

Niche sites are sites whose topic is on a specific market niche and so are able to target a very specific audience.  Wikipedia has a good definition here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niche_market.  You can picture a niche as being a slice of a pie, the wiki calls it a subset of market. Either way, a niche is smaller than a broad topic.


This is where the power of niche lies – in the specific topics being highly targeted so that the correct, relevant and useful content is delivered to the user or the person  doing the searching.  You will see some examples and more detailed explanations here.


3LMM specializes in making sure that all of the managed sites are appropriate for small business and home based businesses.  Management also has a set group of criteria for acceptable sites and 3LMM does not deal in adult website content.  You would need to look elsewhere if this is what you were looking for.  Nevertheless, management are on the constant lookout for quality sites and will bring them under our management if they are deemed to be high quality sites or if we can remediate them to become high quality sites.

About 3LMM.com Buy Niche Sites – What Sites

3LMM.com buy niche sitesThe 3 main markets that 3LMM works in are: health, wealth and happiness.  All the markets are thoroughly researched so that each site provides value to users. 

Health sites go from the broad fitness, weight loss sites right down to acne or anxiety related sites. Wealth is more about training, coaching or providing business related products such as those that can be found on Talk Fortune or Jason Fladlien University . Finally happiness sites are a few sites on relationships but are not a focus for 3LMM. Of course there is some overlap between markets, it is not always easy to categorize niches as a subset of a specific market.   What is important is that the final niche is able to add value to users and to make the internet a better place to find information, however small the effort.


3LMM.com Buy Niche Sites3LMM – Learn, Make, Market

3LMM stands for Learn Make and Market. 

  • You first need to learn about a product or a market. 
  • You then make the product and
  • finally you market the product

Business based on niche sites is a reiterative process. Once you have finished the cycle you keep doing it whether it is to build a new site or a new product or to refine your site.  You keep adding value to people who visit you.

Examples of Niches – Learn

Buy Niche SitesMore detailed examples of niches are given on this site.  If you want more information then read more over here.

Here you will discover just how deep a niche can be within a broader market. 

Where we talk more About 3LMM.com Buy Niche Sites, we show you that this site is intended for people who are considering an online business model but do not have much money or time to invest in the project. 3LMM gives you the information to learn more about niche sites through example. 


Best Niche Sites – Make

Buy Niche SitesOnce you have learned about niche sites generally, we show you how to select the best niche sites.  you then go about making your information product to add value to the market place and to make some money for yourself.  this is not a get rich scheme.  It does take some work. There is nothing set and forget about this model either.  Many marketers will tell you that it is a set and forget model but that is not true.  To continually add value you need to be continually adding to your site.  We indicated this when we talked About 3LMM.com Buy Niche Sites, but it bears repeating here – there is no easy button.  Work never did anybody any harm, conversely hoping for an easy button or an overnight success does do harm, you will be scammed if you continue to look for the easy button!  More about the best niche sites here.


Market Niche Strategy – Marketing

The finAs seen on Kindle and Amazonal part of the business wheel is to market your product or your service.  There are so many avenues to market through.  3LMM uses only a handful.  We have found that specializing in only a few traffic sources is more successful than spreading our resources over many sources. You can consider using affiliate sites or market places such as Amazon or ClickBank or a number of other platforms including social media platforms. Whatever you chose you need to stay consistent, master one traffic source and  marketing strategy before you move onto the next one. You will find more information here

More information can be found at these links:

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